PDF imageSubmitting a New Course Proposal (video instructions)
PDF imageRevising an Existing Course (video instructions)

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Which form should I fill out?
    When proposing a new course, one in which the content is new, the Propose New Course form should be filled out. When proposing a course revision (such as a change in the number, title, or course description) or requesting that a course be inactivated, the Revise Existing Course form should be filled out. Revisions to existing courses should only be made when the contents of the course will stay essentially the same.

Questions on Revising an Existing Course
  • What does "Inactivate Course" mean?
    By inactivating a course, you are indicating that the course will not be taught again. This will cause the course to no longer appear for students in the course description section of Campus Connect or in the University Catalog. It is beneficial to inactivate a course as soon as possible, since it will be five years before you will be able to reuse the 3-digit catalog number for a new course.

  • What if I need to revise something other than the catalog number, course title, course description or component of an existing course? In this case, you can check the “Other” checkbox on the right-side of the page and type the details of the revision into the “Comments:” box.

Questions on Proposing a New Course
  • How do I know what to put for the 3-digit catalog number?
    Only 3-digit course numbers that have been inactive for five years can be reused for a new course. On the New Course form, click “Check availability,” to see what course numbers are currently being used in your subject area. To confirm whether a catalog number is available to use, you can email Karen Sysol at

  • What if the course has more than one component?
    Please select the primary component of the course and indicate all other secondary components in the "Additional Comments" box on the right side of the form.

  • What if I do not know the Course Title or Course Description?
    A course title and course description must be entered in order to submit a proposal. If the proposal is approved, the course title and course description will be copied into PeopleSoft exactly as entered on this form.

  • What if I do not know whether the course will be cross-listed with another course?
    If you want this new course to be permanently cross-listed with another course, you should mark the "Will this course be crosslisted?" checkbox and enter in the other course’s information. Otherwise, when it comes time to schedule the course, you can indicate whether it should be combined with another section at that time in the web scheduler.

  • How do I indicate that this course should be cross-listed with multiple courses?
    Check the checkbox under “Will this course be cross-listed?” and click the “Add” button below to add another course. The maximum amount of courses you may add is three. Remember, these are courses that this course will be combined with all of the time.

  • What if I need to make a change to the new course proposal after it has been submitted?
    As long as the proposal has not yet been approved, you may login and make any changes. You can do this by clicking on the Review Courses tab and clicking the row of the course you wish to edit. You can then can make any necessary changes. When finished editing the proposal, be sure to click the “Save” button at the bottom.

  • Can I still make changes after my new course proposal has already been approved?
    If the proposal has not already been approved by the department chair, you may contact the department and ask them to revise the proposal for you. If the proposal has already been approved by the department chair and is waiting for the CCCP Chair’s approval, you may contact the CCCP Chair and ask him or her to make the change. Once the proposal has been approved by CCCP Chair, no changes can be made to the proposal. To find the current status of your proposal, click on the Review Courses tab and see what status it is currently under. The statuses are “New,” “Awaiting Academic Unit Head Approval,” “Awaiting CCCP Chair Approval,” “Awaiting PeopleSoft Entry,” or “Completed.”

  • Can I delete or take back my new course proposal after it has been submitted?
    Yes, as long as the proposal has not yet been approved. To delete your proposal, click on the Review Courses tab, click the row of the course you wish to edit and click the “Delete” button at the top of the “Course Details” box. Otherwise, you can contact the department chair or the CCCP Chair to ask them to reject the proposal depending on the stage of the workflow your proposal is in.

  • If I want an existing course to carry LSP domain credit, can I just change its description here and make that happen?
    No. Any course carrying LSP credit status must go through an approval process, as detailed on the LSP webpage, under "Teaching in LSP." Once an existing course is granted LSP approval and listed as such in the course catalog, however, you may wish to modify a course's description to indicate its new LSP credit-bearing status.